About Us

I grew up in MA eating the standard American diet. As a child, I was tall and thin, but that changed circa college. After that, I’ve been on and off diets in an effort to get back to thin. In 2010, my life completely changed when a friend gave me a podcast sampler of her favorite cookbook author, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. I didn’t know at the time what a podcast was, but I popped in the CD expecting to hear delicious recipes to make.

The first episode was titled “The Truth about Eggs”, which explained where our eggs come from. I cried through a lot of it, and from that moment, my heart changed and my journey to a vegan way of life began. Since I was then and will always be an educator in my heart, I began learning (and teaching) anything & everything about this way of life. I love sharing what I know and am excited to help people transition to a healthier lifestyle for themselves, the earth and our fellow earthlings, the animals.

I’ve been a lifelong musician, singing since I was in junior high school. Recently, I retired as an elementary school music teacher in order to work towards helping to create a more peaceful, compassionate world through music, personal coaching, and living according to my values.

I teach cooking classes, both hands on and demos. I give educational talks, kitchen help, and grocery store tours. I offer one on one and group coaching sessions. And I hope I can help YOU!