Books to Read

Here are just a few of the books that you may find helpful on your journey. They just scratch the surface of what is out there, and there are more coming out every day. If you love to read, there will be a link to a much larger list at the bottom of this page shortly. 


Main Street Vegan was written by Victoria & Adair Moran, a mother and daughter team. Victoria is an eloquent speaker and prolific writer. She runs Main Street Vegan Academy, where I earned my vegan lifestyle coach & educator certification.  

Main Street Vegan


Carol J. Adams has been writing books about eco-feminism, veganism, and spirituality for quite a while. Her book, Living Among Meat Eaters is a great book about how to get along with people who eat and live differently than you. It’s an excellent book on social skills!  

Living Among Meat Eaters (3rd in the list)


The China Study by T. Colin Campbell is a must read. Well, actually, I think it’s easier to listen to this one, because it delves into science and research behind food. Definitely get the updated version, which came out in. In the book, Dr. Campell was able to prove a link between casein, the protein in dairy, and cancer. He was able to turn cancer cells on and off by the amount of casein consumed. This book is life changing!

The China Study (1st on the list)


Melanie Joy, PhD is brillant, in my opinion. I met her at Vegetarian Summerfest 3 years ago. She is a Massachusetts native, although I think she lives in Europe now. Her book, Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows is very insightful. (Note: She also has a very informative Youtube video about carnism (Carnism Video), that you might find informative.

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows


Brenda Davis is a registered dietician. She has many fabulous books, but Becoming Vegan, is like a handbook for well, just that, becoming vegan. It is chock full of information about any question you may have. Read it cover to cover or use it as a reference book.

Becoming Vegan (1st on list)


The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle, PhD looks at the way we eat from a different perspective—that of spirituality. I have met Will Tuttle several times and he is a humble man with deep thoughts and words. AND…he used to travel the US in his solar-powered RV, which anyone who knows me knows I would find fascinating!

The World Peace Diet


For More Books to Read, click below to download a list…

Books About Veganism