And Life Got Away From Me!

So…here it is…February 12th and I haven’t done a blog post since January 2nd! My bad. Now, I could make excuses. Well. Yeah. I am going to make excuses!

I have been super duper head over heels involved in my local musical theater. It had literally taken over my life for much of December and January! I had first been in the Flat Rock Christmas show, where I sang in the chorus starting right after Thanksgiving until December 22, sometimes two shows in one day!

Then I got into the ensemble of Asheville Community Theater’s production of 9 to 5, the Musical, and rehearsals started at the beginning of December – yup, two week overlap of shows. Needless to say I did not much else. And there is a LOT of singing and dancing in this show, which I love! But, also which I needed to practice—A LOT!!! (Aside: You really should come and see it; it is a great show! So much fun and laughs and great music and dancing, too!)

Oh wait.  Then January came and I started teaching my workshops. Between planning, shopping, prepping and practicing, there went the rest of my free time.


Lastly, we took a week and went to Arizona for the Sedona VegFest. Man it was beautiful there and in Phoenix, it was in the upper 60’s! Imagine that, we left Charlotte, NC in a snowstorm, where they had to de-ice the plane, and were walking around with no coat in the afternoon. Ahhhh. Of course, I did bring my script, score, recordings and dance videos to practice on the trip so that I wouldn’t be behind after missing a week of rehearsals!

Arizona was great. We took a day trip to the Grand Canyon, where there was a lot of snow and ice around and the temp was a mere 28 degrees out! But the Pink Jeep Tour that we did was good and the tour guide did a lot of his spiel from inside. Sedona was so pretty. We went to almost all of the vortexes, and although I didn’t feel the energy, I certainly did relax while we were there.

There were so many great speakers at the VegFest, and I enjoyed getting re-energized by listening to them speak. Finally, we got to share a special dinner with new friends. (Victoria Moran of Main Street Vegan Fame, JL Fields that excellent cookbook author and vegan coach, and two new MSVA friends, Chris Kalinch (Plant2Platter) and Linda Voorhies (Veganification).

Now, opening weekend has passed for the play. Many of my classes have already occurred and the ones that haven’t yet are manageable. So, life can go back to normal and hopefully you will hear from me more often than once a month!

But wait…on Saturday, I’m trying out for another show. Don’t worry. It doesn’t go up until the summer. Here’s hoping I get in!