Over the past few years, or maybe even more, I keep saying, “I’m going to develop a meditation practice.” And that’s about as far as it gets. Now what I’m talking about is sitting meditation, but I must say, I believe that there are other forms of mindfulness.

For example, when I was gardening, I would be out there for hours with the dirt, the seeds, the compost, the crops. And I consider that a form of mindfulness.  And then there were the morning glories! I would get up every morning to see how many were blooming, and I would stand and stare out the window at them while I drank my coffee or tea. Then I would go out and count the blooms. 

Just looking at them gave me a sense of peace and that bursting feeling of joy that you get when you are in bliss. Here are just a few of the ones I grew throughout the years. 

This year as we transition from MA to NC and live in an apartment, I’m missing my morning glories. I’m looking forward to building our tiny house, hopefully on a good patch of land, so I can grow some down here!

And then there’s the music. Sometimes when I am singing, I get lost in what I’m doing. I think they call that flow. And it can be especially powerful when I’m singing something from the heart that is not about me, but perhaps for the animals, or someone else in need.


But now, I want to develop a sitting practice. And it’s funny because I have tried a few times before. I used an app called Headspace, which was very cute, and I was able to stick with it for the initial 10 free sessions, but then I could never bring myself to pay the monthly fee for something I wasn’t sure I would continue. And then this summer, at Main Street Vegan Academy (https://mainstreetvegan.net/academy/), I met Holly Skodis, a yoga teacher from CT (www.hollyskodis.com) She introduced me to an app called 1 Giant Mind (http://www.1giantmind.org). It has been phenomenal for me! Sure I miss a day, or five (lol), here and there, but I always come back! I did their initial 12 steps/days, and I am now working on the 30 Day Challenge. Granted my 30 days haven’t been consecutive, but who cares? I’m doing it! Their method of teaching is so easy,  nonjudgmental, and oh yeah, the best part: it’s FREE! I absolutely love it, and I bet if you ask me in a month or so, I may even be an every day meditator on my way to twice a day!