Supermarket Videos

My intention with these videos are to point out many of the vegan options at each grocery store to help you with your shopping experience. My videos are by no means exhaustive. That would make them too long to watch! lol! I hope they help get you started. I will say that things change all the time, so from time to time, you may want to check the labels. Also, the language has changed among allergen alerts. You used to see “made on shared equipment with milk…” but now many products are saying, “contains milk…”. This is your call. If you read the label and you don’t see anything that contains milk, then what it is really saying is that when they clean the machines, some of that allergen may have gotten into this otherwise vegan product. They use that wording to cover themselves from lawsuits. 


Trader Joe’s

Here’s the first of the videos: Trader Joe’s. I hope you enjoy it and that it is useful for you. (Note: This video was made in Asheville, but for the most part, it should apply to your Trader Joe’s, wherever you are.)


Next up…Hendersonville Community Co-op

Then…Whole Foods Market


More to come…